Premier Hotel Program™


Dear Traveler and Travel Planner,

What most influences your buying decision when you book hotels? Is it location, convenience, price, amenities or service? More than likely, it is a combination of these, and varies by the purpose of your trip.

What are your booking needs? ABC Global Services provides options, offering the ABC Premier Hotel Program™ via the GDS and online—making it your complete hotel booking solution.

Today's ABC Premier Hotel Program provides access to over 40,000 diverse properties in 160 countries and more than 7,600 cities worldwide. Combine that with negotiated discounts off the Best Available Rate (BAR) of up to 25% at almost half of these properties, and the ABC Premier Hotel Program meets every travel need and situation.
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SAVINGS TO THE BOTTOM LINE — BETTER THAN 'BAR' ABC Premier Rates reflect the best unrestricted rates available to the individual traveler—and in many cases reflect a further negotiated discount off published BAR rates!

Unlike promotional and other discount rates, ABC Premier Rates offer Last Room Availability (LRA). LRA is an agreement between ABC and hotel(s), whereby all ABC Premier rates associated with a room category are available at the negotiated rate, up to and including the last room to be sold in that room category.

ABC Rate$ - % Discount off BARMore than half of the properties in this year's ABC Premier Hotel Program feature ABC Premier rates that represent a discount off the BAR (Best Available Rate). Look for the ABC RATE$ icon indicating these 'Better than BAR' rates!

COMMISSIONS Every hotel booked with the ABC rate code earns you commissions. In addition, our Preferred Suppliers frequently offer bonus commissions simply for booking the ABC rate!

SAVINGS TO THE BOTTOM LINE Premier Rates are the lowest unrestricted rates available to the individual traveler. Furthermore, many Premier Rates are available on a “run-of-house” basis, meaning that as long as rooms are available, the Premier Rate will be honored.

GLOBAL INVENTORY Independent reviews over the last several years have hailed the Premier Hotel Program as the most extensive in terms of international inventory, with diverse price and service categories. Even secondary cities in most countries are included to benefit varied service needs.

PREMIER PROMOTIONS™ supplements the ABC Premier Hotel Program. This expanded offering provides thousands of highly reduced discounts and exciting promotions at hotels and resorts worldwide! See your travel counselor for more details.

VALUE ADDED AMENITIES: PREMIER PERKS™ To ensure you maximize your travel and entertainment investment, many participating hotels offer complimentary amenities—for instance, over half offer complimentary breakfast with the preferred rate. Other Premier Perks include:

  •  Airport Shuttle
  •  High Speed Internet
  •  Parking
  •  Breakfast
  •  Fitness Center
  •  Early Check-In
  •  Late Checkout
  •  Upgrade Upon Arrival
  •  Welcome Amenity


    Experience Premier Privileges by ABC—PERKS, SERVICE, QUALITY!

    • Unbridled elegance
    • Quintessential quality
    • Luxury at every step
    • Unique VIP amenities
    • Service touches above and beyond…

    Perfectly suited for your most discerning and affluent corporate and leisure clientele, Premier Privileges by ABC features a collection of the most exquisite 4- and 5-star properties from around the globe. From charming boutique style hotels brimming with sophistication in city centers to exotic spa resorts nestled along secluded dunes, Premier Privileges affords VIP travelers more than location. Special treatment via a host of amenities, upgrades, and exclusive services await you from the moment you step into the hotel lobby through to carefree checkout. For example:

    Premier Privileges by ABC - sample amenities

    Premier PrivilegesLook for the Premier Privileges indicator on hotel search results that indicates participation. You may also limit any search to returning ONLY Premier Privileges hotels in a given city or metro area by simply checking the appropriate box when you Search Hotels. For a complete list of properties offering Premier Privileges, please refer to the Premier Privileges by ABC Directory™ or contact your travel counselor.


    Through our negotiations with Premier Hotels, ABC provides rooms in heavily booked or sold-out cities that are not available to other travelers. Nearly 600 hotels have set aside guaranteed room blocks for our exclusive use. Independent studies have continually rated the Premier Block Space Program the industry leader, with the highest inventory of block space. Our access to this reserve of hotel rooms translates into a tremendous advantage and convenience for you!

    Unlike other programs, the ABC Premier Block Space Program is centrally managed to ensure optimal and accurate inventory allocation at all times. Contact your travel counselor at least 96 hours in advance of the planned stay, as these rooms may not be booked directly with the hotel. In addition, please note that block space can sell out as the inventory for block space rooms is limited. It is best to call your travel counselor as soon as possible when planning travel.

    Look for the Block Space indicator in the hotel listings to indicate participation. You may also limit any search to returning ONLY Block Space hotels in a given city or metro area by simply checking the appropriate box when you Search Hotels. For a complete list of properties offering Block Space, please refer to the Premier Block Space Directory™ or contact your travel counselor.


    CHALLENGE: You have a request to book a group into MORE THAN NINE HOTEL ROOMS. No meeting planning on property is needed; no need to consult the food and beverage manager. You simply have a group and want a commission. You can't book it via the GDS or individual travel rep at the property.

    Small Group RequestSOLUTION: Don't go it alone. Look for the Small Groups Request tab on the hotel detail page—available for ALL ABC Premier hotels! Simply fill out the secure form to submit your request to the ABC Premier Desk. An advice will be sent to you via email. Quick, Easy, DONE!

    Many of the amenities and benefits that are offered through the ABC Premier Hotel Program are available only to our select customers. We encourage you to take advantage of them and benefit from one of the industry's most valuable travel resources!

    We look forward to assisting you with your next trip.

    Bon voyage!

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    All hotel information has been provided by the hotel properties or chains. Every effort has been made to guarantee the accuracy of this information, but neither the authors nor the publishers can accept responsibility for any errors and/or omissions. ABC Global Services and its agents shall not be liable for, and make no representations or warranties with respect to, either expressed or implied, the hotel properties’ safety code compliance, including but not limited to fire and building codes of maintenance or liability insurance. All amenities were negotiated and secured at the time of publication and may be subject to change by ABC Global Services in its sole discretion.

    No information from this directory may be extracted and no part of it may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from ABC Global Services. Unauthorized use or reproduction is strictly prohibited and will be enforced to the fullest extent of the law.